Students Brew Official Valletta 2018 Craft Beer

Gallery is ‘crisp and full-bodied in taste, similar to a lager’

Times of Malta  – Denise Grech

“It took MCAST students six months of work, but the brewing project was completed in time, so Gallery can be the official beer when Valletta becomes the European Capital of Culture in January.The brainchild of seven students, aged 17 to 26, they worked on the project after an intensive two-week beverage course at Friesland, a  vocational college in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, which will also be a European Capital of Culture next year.

The students, studying for an advanced diploma in food technology, took the opportunity to also promote further collaboration between the two countries. “The main objective of the project was to come up with a new beer that will be marketed in both countries as an official craft beer. Once the beer was produced, the respective institutions would identify a local brewery to produce,” a spokesman for the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology said.”

Four students, following a graphic design course, worked on the Gallery branding and logo after the beer was developed. Michael Grech, one of the graphic designers who worked on this project opened the presentation by describing the journey as students and how they went from the drawing board to the name and label.
Daniel Galea, one of the student’s, went on to describe how Gallery is “a reflection of the taste; striking but pleasant and full of heritage. The name was chosen because it needed to help engage and familiarise users with the product. It was not just the creation of a logo but the creation of a lifestyle.” Andreas Azzopardi followed by describing how the “brand image was truly inspired by the energy of our National city, with all its history, sounds, aromas, and vibrant mix of cultures and people. A city that never dies and is constantly reinventing itself.” Last but not least Alisa Pavia closed by explaining how “the aim behind the name is to educate people on the growing craft beer culture as well as bringing to light the outstanding beauty of Valletta’s heritage. The name ‘Gallery’ was chosen to reflect the museums and creative exhibits in Valletta.”
“Gallery can best be described as crisp and full-bodied in taste, similar to a lager,” course director Stephen Vella said. Craft beer is a relatively new concept to the Maltese market, where more commercial beers are usually found. Craft beers are made by brewers that are generally small, independent and use traditional methods. “The project exposed students to the experience of working on a large-scale product and introduced them to potential employers,” Mr Vella continued.

Gallery is the first in a series of beers that the food technology students worked on. The plan is to have a new craft beer launched by students in food technology and graphic design every year. The beer is already available at The Brew and will be sold commercially in bars around the island in February.




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